Law After Graduation

While everyone is obsessed about 5 years law courses, 3 years law courses get a bit of step motherly treatment. The National Law Universities do not have 3 years courses. However, there are some 3 years law colleges that are truly reputable and has contributed way more than even any National Law University. Also, when people from different backgrounds come to do law as a career after they already got a graduate education and sometimes a few years of work experience, by virtue of their academic and professional maturity they often go on to make better lawyers.


Finding the best law college that will suit all your academic requirements is a Herculean task. While you grapple with the information loaded over internet to zero down on the best possible law college, we help you unburden the tedious task by listing out 10 best law colleges (for 3 year of India.

Delhi University
IIT Kharagpur
Symbiosis Pune
Govt. Law college
Banaras Hindu Univ.
Punjab University
ILS Pune
Osmania University
MDLC Jaipur
Jindal Law School