MBA Exams

Why MBA ?

The most pertinent question that should actually be the first step towards the MBA exam preparation is – “Why MBA?”. This, at the same time, is also the most ignored question throughout the prep. Usually, there is hardly any clarity in an aspirant’s mind about what is he expecting from his MBA degree. To be able to think clearly about this, it is required to look beyond the general perceptions about MBA and to understand what an MBA degree would give you.

Better Reasons to go for MBA

Let us put things into perspective to understand what can an MBA degree give the student and how the student should look towards MBA to make it more fruitful for him.
  • Better Job Opportunities: An average graduate usually gets frustrated due to extremely limited job opportunities and limited type of job profiles. An MBA widens the spectrum of job opportunities and job profiles for a student. An MBA from the top B-schools takes the student to higher levels of management, making them managers and senior managers, which surely does mean a higher position in the organization but also means higher responsibilities. An MBA degree from the top most B-schools gives a person the credibility to hold leadership roles in an organization.
  • Greater Career Growth: A mere graduate might take many years to escalate in the corporate hierarchy and might still not move beyond a certain level. It does become important for a graduate to have a higher degree to reach the senior management levels. An MBA graduate from a top B-school starts his career from the mid-management or senior management level and has far more better chances of escalating upwards to become a CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO etc.
  • Larger Perspective of Business World: A good MBA program imparts not only knowledge but also good business acumen to the student for him to become more receptive to changes in the world and better equipped with problem solving tactics. A simple employee of an organization, serving in the lower half of the hierarchy, might not have the access to relevant information about business. MBA makes business knowledge a familiar territory, hence making the student a valuable asset to the organization.
  • Greater Challenges: MBA widens the student’s limits of learning. It gets the student out of his comfort zone, deal with the latest issues, apply the newest management techniques and just constantly challenge him with different situations. 
  • Consolidated Corporate Network: The first step towards a fruitful college life is having a good network of encouraging and supportive friends. The only difference at a top B-school is that the friends here would be more career oriented and would be some of the top future managers. This puts the student in a good position in life as he gets to interact with colleagues, professors and teaching staff (usually former or current business people, with great on-field experience).
  • Better Pay Packages: Lastly, there is no denying the fact that an MBA degree from a good B-school brings with itself greater pay packages. To say the least, for a simple graduate engineer, the salary after an MBA becomes at least triple. Over the years the top tier B-schools have maintained the tradition of high salary packages being offered to its students even in the times of recession.